PGP stands for Passion. Grit. Perseverance. When you make the decision to tackle a health change in your own life, it requires you to cultivate dedication and build resiliency. I started PGP to inspire and support people in making the conscious change to prioritize their own health. It is challenging (and sometimes foreign) for us to think this way. We oftentimes take our health for granted and prioritize other things. I had this experience - working full-time in an intense corporate career and focusing most of my energy on career success while sacrificing my personal health habits. This led to me being 300 pounds, getting sick frequently, having back and joint pain, and feeling lethargic... all before 30 years old! I decided I wanted to change and I put in consistent effort to do so. While working in technology and changing my health simultaneously, I learned a lot through experimentation and habit creation. I developed a framework to support my journey, and then I went out and complemented that with formal education, both in fitness and nutrition. My aim with PGP is to help others.


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